October 31, 2011


"Bewitched" was a popular television comedy series between 1964 and 1972.  Based on the movie, "I Married a Witch", it featured Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha.  The "nose twitch" that Samantha used when performing her witchery is iconic, along with the music that accompanied it.

The plot involved the weekly trials and tribulations of trying to keep her "witchy" status a secret. Dick York played Darrin Stephens, her husband.  He was later replaced for the final two years by Dick Sargent.

There were some hilarious guest spots for roles as assorted aunts and uncles who would "fly in", including Paul Lynde as "Uncle Arthur".

And, as the mortal fates would have it, little Tabitha, Darrin and Samantha's daughter, developed into a wee witch:  twitchy nose and all.

Agnes Moorehead was wonderful as Endora, Samantha's mom and meddling mother in law to the hapless Darren.

The series is probably still in syndication somewhere.  Definitely available on DVD---(at a Coven near you)!


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