May 12, 2014


The lovely ladies of Hollywood's Silent Era have some serious panache with headbands, scarves, turbans, tiaras--and just about any  other accessory that makes those faces even more fabulous.  Join Crème de la Crème as we take a peek: 

Ravishing in Red:  Mabel Normand-1918
Catching a wave:  Mary Thurman-1919

White-hot satin: Anna Q. Nilsson-1920

Little girl blue:  Doris Kenyon-1920


Pink roses; jade jewels: Bebe Daniels-1920

Pearly Green Ice: Anita Booth-1920

Jewel-toned Print: Martha Mansfield-1920
Going for the Gold:  Betty Blythe-1921
While the Silver goes to: Gloria Swanson-1921
Red and gold tapestry: Dorothy Dalton-1921
Rainbow stripes:  Mary Thurman-1921
Walloping WOW factor--Marion Davies-1921

Leatrice Joy-1922: Flower Child


Pola Negri:  Mink and Pearls-1922

Alla Nazimova from Salome-1923
Grape Arbor Ardor:  Mae Busch-1923
Anna Q. Nilsson-1923: Leather braided headband
Eye-popping in Poppy: Pola Negri-1923
Draped turban & brooch: Natacha Rambova-1923
Pretty floral print wraparound: Lois Wilson-1924
 Glitter galore: Mae Murray-1924
Pearl topped turban: Pola Negri-1924
 ...and blinged arch-rival Gloria Swanson-1924

Hoops and a headband-Pola Negri-1924

...and in Nikolas Muray's photo
Doris Kenyon-1925

Diamond & emerald band: Barbara La Marr-1925

 Pretty as a Peacock:  Pauline Starke-1925

Ravishing Renee Adoree-1925

 Casual & colorful: Esther Ralston-1925

 Creamy, pearl-topped white satin:  Corinne Griffith-1925

Pom-pom girl Aileen Pringle-1925

 Early color photograph of Gloria Swanson-1925

Gorgeous in green:  Louise Fazenda-1925

Beach-ready Doris Kenyon by Carl Van Buskirk-1926

Classic chic:  Clara Bow-1927

A cornucopia of bling: Gilda Gray-1927


Sequins all aglitter:  Gilda Gray-1920s
 Sporty in green and white: Esther Ralston-1928
 Ornate brooch atop gold lace:  Dorothy Sebastian-1928
Tennis Anyone? Bessie Love-July 1929
Dots and stripes: June Collyer- August 1929
 Beach pajamas topped by wrap scarf:  Gloria Swanson-1930
Our Silent Sirens will have to attend elocution classes for the next installment of Crème de la Crème--as it's off to the 1930s, where the merciless microphone is waiting...

May 09, 2014

SILENT STARS: 'Twenties Toppers

Hollywood's prettiest and most stylish cover girls in a salute to the headgear of the 1920s, painted by the great cover artists of the time: Rolf Armstrong, Charles Sheldon, Henry Clive and more:

Mary Pickford's ribboned straw ushers in the decade-1919

Young Marion Davies in Sporty Tam-1920 

Pouf-bonneted Constance Talmadge-1920

Constance Talmadge-1921


Lila Lee-1922

Alice Brady's cobalt blue plumed cloche-1922

Flower-shop brimmed Anna Q. Nilsson-1923

Plumed and pinned: Norma Talmadge-1923

Pastel pretty Eleanor Boardman-1923

Dramatic midnight blue for Nita Naldi-1923

Striped satin shines on Marion Davies-1924


Carmel Myers' fluttery brocade cloche-1924

Artist palette & paintbrush! Marion Davies-1926

Gilda Gray in scarlet brim & white scarf-1926

Colleen Moore-1926
Dolores Costello: buttoned tailored cloche-1927

Gorgeous Garbo cover by artist Jay Weaver-1927

Asymmetrical golden girl Mary Brian-1927

Neutral simplicity for Jetta Goudal-1927

Sheer confection: Madge Bellamy-1928

Lavender sash; pink trim: Marion Davies-1928
Darkly elegant Eleanor Boardman-1928
Drop-dead chic Marion Davies-March 1929
The finale: Billie Dove's diaphanous dazzler-June 1929

Be sure to join Crème de la Crème next time for more gorgeous Hollywood stars in knockout headgear!