November 09, 2011

Natalie Wood, Teen Queen

Nat's 1950s Paper Dolls:

Natalie Wood had been a star since early childhood when these paper dolls were issued in the late 1950s or early 1960s. As a bona fide Teen Idol, Natalie always wore the coolest of the cool "threads".  Enjoy!


Teenaged Natalie Wood

Two Natalies to dress up

The "beat" goes on for Nat

Natalie catches some rays and waves

  Warm weather casuals

 Go Team Go!

 All Dressed Up

 Pretty in Pinks

 Formal and Party Gear

And so, we bid Nightie-night (and Pyjama-night and Baby-doll night) to our tired but slammin'ly stylish Natalie!


  1. I love these! I am pretty sure I had some Natalie Wood paper dolls many moons ago - sure wish I had them now! I am going to add your post as a link in my blog. They go great together!

  2. Great! I think they go nicely together as well.