February 14, 2012

Valentines Day With Nat and Bob


A Creme de la Creme recipe for you to try:

Take one deliciously handsome young leading man-about-town in 1950s Hollywood. Robert Wagner: RJ to his many friends.

And one pretty as a picture child star, all grown up: Natalie Wood--teenage sensation, "Nat".

 Stir gently, as they become something of an item around Tinseltown.

Be patient:  Nat's mom doesn't approve. Add a few sprinkles of sugar to sweeten her up if needed.

Don't worry about lumps--it will turn out beautifully. Natalie will keep (working, that is), for she is one of Hollywood's busiest young stars.

When the mixture is smooth and creamy, turn into a springform pan, bake--et Voila!

On December 28, 1957 in Scottsdale, Arizona--Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner become husband and wife: 

The bride wears a fashion-forward hooded ensemble, edged in exquisite scalloped lace, and a ballerina length balloon hemmed skirt:  very chic; very different.

The groom is impeccable, as always, with a sprig of lily of the valley on his lapel.

Ladies and gentlemen, our cooking lesson is a splendiferous success!

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wagner


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