April 19, 2013


In the early 1970s BIBA on the Kings Road in London was THE place to shop, browse and just BE.  The film "Bonnie and Clyde" had started a trend toward retro 1920s and 1930s fashion and makeup: draping, turbans; dark lips; smoky eyes. The store itself was a masterpiece of Art Nouveau and Art Deco interior design and in the style of old Hollywood.

These photos of Twiggy taken inside the BIBA Emporium c. 1973, are now rare classics:

Cloche hat in buttery soft shades


A turbaned Twiggy in dramatic shades of makeup

Ultra-glam in black sequins inside the BIBA Emporium

A pensive Twiggy with stylish headband and centre-parted hairdo

Peignoir on animal print round bed

A boldly-accessorized Twiggy in lame hood

A stunning gold satin button-front ensemble

A  dreamy shot of Twiggy in a softly-draped turban

Curly-haired Twiggy with  equally sexy cheetah Teddy bear

A gorgeous skullcap

Quintessential 1920s: Raccoon Coat and Cloche hat 

Amazing BIBA interiors and a stunningly sophisticated Twiggy

In a full length hooded fake cheetah coat,Twiggy stands at the opulent Egyptian themed doors to the fitting rooms at BIBA 

BIBA closed its doors in the mid 1970s. Twiggy continued with modeling and acting careers.




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