March 24, 2014


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

 Costume and fashion designer Trish Summerville is best known for the pierced, punk look of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, (2011 version), which sold out in the H&M collection online.  How do you follow an act like that?
You design knockout styles for the film version of the second instalment of the Suzanne Collins dystopian trilogy.

Katniss Everdeen--Girl on Fire:

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) have emerged as winners of Panem's Hunger Games. The powers that be are not amused, however. There was to be only one survivor.

Panem's Capital, with the Arena at centre

The Victory Tour:

While Katniss, Peeta and their families are now allowed to reside in the comfort of Victor's Village, President Snow (Donald Sutherland) has plans for them.

Katniss in casual leather and wool

Returning home to Victors' Village at sundown
With chaperon Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) in tow, they are to embark on a 'Victory Tour' of the other Districts and Capital, posing convincingly as star crossed lovers to explain their breaking the rules to both survive the Hunger Games.

Peeta, Chaperon Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) and Katniss
It is Banks, as Effie, who wears the most eye-popping wardrobe. Pictured below, is a dress which appears to be made entirely of monarch butterflies. It was loaned by the Alexander McQueen company and actually made mostly of feathers. Butterfly decals were glued to her hair, face and body as well.
Effie's monarch butterfly dress loaned by Alexander McQueen
 The airy flightiness of this look is a perfectly contrasting backdrop for one of the movie's most disturbing dramatic scenes.
The Capital and Gala: 
Katniss and Peeta in Victory Tour Poster
The sets in this film are beautifully done.  The Districts are grim and impoverished while the Capital is grand and light-show bright. 
Katniss on board the luxurious train to the Capital
When the tour of the Districts goes awry the group is dispatched to the Capital for a Gala celebration. On board the elegant futuristic train, Effie wears what designer Summerville calls the 'fan dress'.  
Effie made up like a celebratory Kewpie doll
Fuchsia ruffles engulf the chaperon right down to her shoes. Silver bracelets, earrings and belt; lacy gloves; bright purple and electric blue wristbands--the look is over the top and dazzling. Even her hair is tinted pink.
Accessorised and coordinated right down to frilly footwear
At the Capital, Katniss and Peeta are presented as a couple. Here Josh Hutcherson as Peeta gets to wear some sleek ultra-modern suits. 
Katniss (in neon blue moire) and Peeta (looking sharp in tan suit)

Their engagement is announced and the Capital prepares for a lavish wedding. 
The Capital lit up for the Gala
At the Gala, once again it is Effie Trinket, awash in a sea of lavender ruffles, who steals the show.
Katniss and Peeta are no slouch either. Josh Hutcherson sports a razor-sharp gunmetal morning coat with black leather pants.
Jennifer Lawrence wears a stunning black gown, sheer from the hips down. The gown is brocaded heavily with 'bird' detail right up to the feathery shoulders. This reflects the Mockingjay theme of the film, the Mockingjay being the symbol of silent revolt.
Fabulous "Gala Gear" for Peeta, Effie and Katniss
Katniss' dark hair is braided at the top, and her makeup reflects the brilliant shoulder detail of her gown. 
Hair, make-up and shoulder detail
The dazzling stage, set for the Flickerman interviews of the tributes
President Snow has not been idle. He has plans for Katniss. There will be another round of the Games, the Quarter Quell, with the 'tributes' chosen solely from previous winners. Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci) interviews Peeta, who has an unexpected announcement. 
Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci) interviewing Peeta in white wedding suit
Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence in Wedding whites.

Flickerman then interviews Katniss, radiant in her wedding gown. 
The amazing wedding gown, designed by Tex Saverio...
As Flickerman and the crowd look on in stunned amazement, Katniss twirls. The wedding gown burns off, revealing a black Mockingjay dress. 
...which has a built-in surprise
Katniss' metamorphosis into Mockingjay
Katniss' revolt is now public. The wedding is off and she and Peeta must begin to train for the Quarter Quell.
The 75th Hunger Games: Quarter Quell: 
The training sessions are rigorous, as President Snow wreaks his vengeance on the couple for defying the Capital.
Peeta and Katniss in training gear
Paraded in an arena resembling the Ancient Roman Coliseum, Katniss and Peeta are alight with flame, another stunning special effect.  
The parade in the arena: timpani at left; chariots at right
Katniss and Peeta in flaming chariot
Peeta and Katniss ablaze in the pre-Quarter Quell costumes
The official jumpsuits of the Quarter Quell
Johanna and Finnick: Friends or Foes? 
District 7 tribute, Johanna Mason
By far the most fascinating 'tributes' from other Districts are Johanna Mason (Jena Malone) and Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin). 
Johanna's incredible Gala Dress
As Johanna, Jena Malone wears a Gala dress to rival anything Effie Trinket wears: a pumpkin-coloured gown of lace and ruffles. 
Johanna (Jena Malone) in Quarter Quell jumpsuit
Handsome Sam Claflin as Finnick, shocks Katniss in a semi-sheer loincloth of metallic gold, topped only by a bright blue necklace.
Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin): blue bling; gold metallic wrap
Let The Quarter Quell Begin...
Cover girl and boy: Finnick and Katniss in Quarter Quell suits
The tributes proceed to the Quarter Quell games, where all manner of challenges and horrors await them. Who will survive? 
As Crème de la Crème always advises:  if you haven't already--see the movie. As of March 7, 2014 it was available on DVD and Blu-Ray.
Creme de la Creme Exclusive: Sneak Peek: 
Late in 2014, the first part of Mockingjay will be released in theatres. Suzanne Collins third book will be made into two films. The more suspense, special effects, and--of course, Fabulous Futuristic Fashions.
Katniss and Peeta all leathered up for "Mockingjay"--the next instalment


  1. Gorgeous post, Inge! I have to see this -Effie is the bomb! But, I have a soft spot for Tucci's hair. The wedding dress is spectacular.

    1. Effie was my favorite. I didn't recognize Tucci at first. I'm not usually a sci-fi person, but loved this one. Jennifer Lawrence is spectacular. Trish Summerville's costumes ARE other-worldly. Thanks for the read. Do try to see it!