May 23, 2015

Cate Blanchett: Wicked-Chic Stepmother


Cate Blanchett gets top billing in Disney's 2015 version of Cinderella, directed by Kenneth Branagh. As Lady Tremaine, Ella's dastardly stepmom, Cate steals the show. Part of the credit for this highway robbery goes to brilliant, three time Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell, who garbs Blanchett in opulent fabrics and gowns that are villainously vogue-ish.
Below, a step-by step guide, courtesy of these two immensely talented ladies, on how to be the best (or is that worst?) Wicked Stepmother in movie history.

ONE:  Make a Grand Entrance

with your cat on a leash...

sporting an amazing hat.

TWO:  Throw fabulous parties

with no husband in sight...

in a knock-'em dead gown.

THREE: Wave a white hankie as your husband departs

assuring his lovely daughter that all will be well.

Then, put the pretty young thing in her place...

by making her little more than a servant...

constantly at your beck and call.

FOUR: Attend the Prince's Grand Ball

at which you,

and your daughters, sparkle and shine in dazzling finery.

FIVE:  Search the attic for that mysterious glass slipper

How did Ella pull this off?

SIX: Don your finest sapphire blue ensemble

And pay a visit to the Palace with subterfuge in mind. After all...

who could resist you with those fuchsia opera gloves?

SEVEN: The Prince is searching for his 'Mystery Princess'


No worries. Ella's been banished to the attic...

Somehow, things go awry...

but at least you get to keep the Bling.


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