July 18, 2012


Joan at the Beach:

Joan Crawford has gotten a bad rap.  Not only was she the quintessential flapper star of the 1920s (if F. Scott Fitzgerald says it--then it be so), but costume designer Adrian's muse and glamour queen of the 1930s.

Her time at the beach, circa 1929-32--Malibu and/or Santa Monica was one of her brightest.  Married to Douglas Fairbanks Jr., bronzed and blonded--she was glorious. 

Earl Christy art for this 1931 cover of PHOTOPLAY:

With Doug, playing Backgammon:

So happy...Joan and Doug Jr.:

Photographed by Cecil Beaton, at the beach with Doug:

Joan, in chic cap, looking as fresh and bright:

Sporty, tanned and gorgeous in a pair of stylish beach pajamas:

Jersey, tam and pants so fashion forward, they could be worn today:


Even the French loved her look:

Windblown, stylish and pretty in more beach wear:


Chic, cutout one piece suit:


Stunning portrait by George Hurrell:

Joan looking stylish and tanned, posed with one of her fans:

Joan was first and foremost about the fans.  No other star went to as much trouble to make them happy. She answered fan mail and sent out pictures. She was past the stage where the studio could force her into silly, awkward publicity shots. She was a top of the line star now. She called the shots. And, in the photos and covers above--it showed.


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