September 18, 2012


Greta Garbo's favorite designer Adrian surprised her with a Birthday gift--right there on the "Camille" set, while I chased around town looking for the perfect Birthday gifte.  Ah, the life of a personal shopper...

Greta looks ecstatic, doesn't she? Must be a fabulous gift. So, after THAT grandiose display, I guess a nice pair of gloves and a knitted cap are out of the question.


Garbo loves a beautiful robe. Let's add this one from "Grand Hotel" to the list of 'possibles'.

I guess Adrian's not so bad... He did turn Garbo into quite the fashionista.  Here, he shows her some sketches. How about all that fox fur?

GG has worn some strange and exotic furs in the past few years--and not always as tailored and sophisticated as the above ensemble. 



Hmm--there are many styles of hat from which to choose.  Garbo generally wears them well--

Not always, though. The nuclear reactor hat from "Ninotchka" may have been charming and witty, but--looked like it would take flight.

Greta hates overtly schlocky jewels, even if they are real. In this scene from "Wild Orchids", she is done up to the max. 

The "Romance" set was close to 100 degrees fahrenheit but a velvet-clad and bejewelled Garbo didn't show a sign of 'droop'. That's my GG:  a trooper--and a gorgeous one!

Sweaters are always a great gift, if you don't go all "arty" like my rival, Adrian. That cityscape Art Deco sweater from "The Single Standard" was SO over the top.  Don't you think??? (Actually, I adore this unique sweater; Adrian brings out the green-eyed monster in me.)


When Greta wore a turtleneck sweater in "Anna Christie" it started a much-copied and imitated fashion trend. 


Carole Lombard wears a similar turtleneck sweater in the film "Twentieth Century".

Sigh!  There's no point in my visiting the lingerie shops for bras and underpinnings; these 1930s stars go 'au naturel', and look terrific.

Eureka!  I know what to get Miss Garbo for her Birthday:  she loves to pad around, especially on set, in pink, fuzzy slippers.  She is taller than most actors, both male and female, so 'the feet' are often out of the frame. Perfecto!

Happy Birthday, Greta Garbo!!!

The above is a flight of fancy:  pure tongue-in-cheek fiction, and, I hope-- fun to read and look at.  I adore Gilbert Adrian and think he is one of the greatest designers of the twentieth century.  Anyone who knows me, and those who don't can figure out, how I feel about Greta Garbo. 



  1. Beautiful photos and a very clever and fun idea. I'll just bet you'd love to be GG's personal shopper!

    1. It was fun. Thanks. The REAL Garbo was the one in your blog: happy, smiling, outdoorsy--having a good time in the California sun.

  2. Love the images of Greta, esp. Romance.. glad she liked slippers.. She was a practical girl.

  3. She was tall, for those days, and, most leading men were not. Hope you're not offended by the slippers. I read about that in one of the biographies.