April 09, 2014


1960s Flower Power: Photo-Howell Conant

Audrey Hepburn has captivated us with her beauty and style from the day she first stepped onto the Broadway stage as Gigi. Colette, the author of the 1945 novel, had spotted her on the  French Riviera set of Monte Carlo Baby and is rumored to have decided on her for the role then and there.

Audrey as Gigi on Broadway in 1951

Sept. 1951 PARIS MATCH: "La nouvelle Gigi..."

Audrey's career would take a giant leap forward when she was cast as the rebelling Princess in 1953s Roman Holiday. She charmed the entire world and won an Academy Award: an amazing achievement for a first-time starring role in a major film.
Costumer Edith Head also won an Oscar for the film, in which Hepburn underwent a makeover of style as well as personality.  Her hair was cut in the fashionable "Italian cut": a short bob with bangs, and her bejeweled, regal gowns were abandoned for a snappy skirt and blouse.

Audrey as Princess Ann in a classic 1953 hat

Sept. 1953: Italian-bobbed: cover of TIME
In her next film Sabrina-1954, Hepburn got yet another style upgrade. As a chauffeur's daughter, Sabrina Fairchild, who goes to Paris for Culinary School and returns transformed, she wore Hubert de Givenchy couture garments for the first time. To complete the Parisian look, her makeup and accessories were bold and dramatic.
Sabrina returns from Paris: chic makeup, suit and hat

Stylish and sporty: Howell Conant for LOOK-1954

A somewhat bizarre hat from Sabrina, 1954

On September 25, 1954 Audrey married Mel Ferrer in Switzerland. Her dress was Balmain couture with a circle of flowers in place of a veil.

Balmain wedding dress; floral headpiece

Audrey quickly became the darling of the fashion world as well as the print media. She was soon gracing magazine covers, layouts and feature stories the world over.   

Avedon for Harper's BAZAAR: April 1956
In Givenchy: photo by Willy Rizzo: March, 1956
Zebra striped hat-Photo by Avedon, Oct. 1956
Givenchy for Love in the Afternoon, 1957
Elegant headgear: February 1957
Floral crop top, pants and matching hat-1957
In the 1957 movie Funny Face, Audrey played Jo Stockton, an idealistic philosopher whose bookstore is invaded by a high fashion photo shoot. Photographer Dick Avery (Fred Astaire) and  Quality Editor Maggie Prescott (Kay Thompson) choose Jo as the new face of their magazine. She is given (yet another) makeover and the three are off to Paris for a round of promotional Fashion shows and photo sessions.
Jo tries on the Fashion Shoot hat in Funny Face, 1957
Japanese poster for Funny Face

Haute couture hat and bling in Paris-Funny Face
Paris photo shoot at the flower market-Funny Face
Not sure if the fab photo below is a hat or just hair jewelry with a topknot. Let's call it a hat, so that it can be part of this post! Photographed inside Maxim's restaurant in Paris in 1957 by Richard Avedon. 
Pure elegance-Balmain couture; Avedon-1957
On July 17, 1960 Audrey's longtime dream came true.  She and husband Mel Ferrer welcomed a baby boy, Sean Hepburn Ferrer into the world.  
White pillbox hat-baby Sean's Christening-Nov. 27,1960

Holding husband Mel Ferrer's hand at Sean's Christening
In Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961-Audrey was Holly Golightly, a wacky but sweet party girl with a stunning wardrobe, including a few amazing hats. 
Breakfast at Tiffany's-1961
The "Sing Sing" hat from Breakfast...-1961

...and the entire Givenchy ensemble

Inside Tiffany & Company with George Peppard
"Hollywood has rejuvenated"-July 1961
In red Givenchy ensemble-1961

Plum elegant! Howell Conant for LIFE-May, 1962
Safari type helmet-1962

In 1963's Charade, Audrey played Regina "Reggie" Lampert, a hapless widow pursued by some mercenary bad guys, but, as always--looking chic and with Cary Grant, a knight in shining armor (or is he?) to help her out. The action moves from a ski resort in the Swiss Alps to Paris, including a climactic chase through the Metro.

Charade's opening scenes-stylish wrap ski hat


At her husband's funeral in netted pillbox-Charade,1963

With "Assam of Assam"-Charade, 1963

Leopard hat and scarlet coat-Charade, 1963

 Front view of red coat and leopard hat

 Cary Grant and Audrey by the Seine River

In the movie Paris When it Sizzles-1964, Audrey was Gabrielle Simpson, a temp stenographer, helping a blocked writer, (William Holden) to meet  his deadline.

 Chanel bag, gloves & hat: Paris When it Sizzles-1964


Best hat in Paris When it Sizzles-1964

Hat and dress back view, showing the design genius of Givenchy

Pastel green with white hat-Paris When it Sizzles-1964

Postscript: Marlene Dietrich made a cameo appearance in Paris When it Sizzles, giving this tepid film some of its real sizzle.  Clad in pure white Dior safari suit, Chanel spectator pumps and floppy hat, it would be her last screen appearance in a major film.

Pink turban, white gardenia: Cecil Beaton, 1964

In the 1966 film How to Steal a Million,  Nicole Bonnet, played by Audrey Hepburn, romps through Paris in mod Givenchy gear, with a handsome professional burglar (Peter O'Toole) on hand as both romantic interest and accomplice.

Leopard hat, How to Steal a Million-1966
Mod helmet and shades-How to...1966
Publicity shot for How to...Douglas Kirkland-1965

Another by Douglas Kirkland, taken during filming-1965

Crisp navy with white pillbox
With Peter O'Toole in publicity photo for How to Steal a Million
Audrey always made simple headscarves look elegant.  Never was this more charming than in her 1969 wedding to Andrea Dotti.
Pink Givenchy bridal ensemble; Roger Vivier shoes-Jan. 1969
Flowered wide-brim: UK VOGUE, April 1971
Audrey in the 1970s-wide brimmed floral
Flower Power 1980s style! Givenchy
The grand finale: Audrey, 1980s--gorgeous as always!


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