May 04, 2014


In 1971, renowned Fashion Photographer Henry Clarke snapped these captivating, ethereal images of superstar, Audrey Hepburn for UK VOGUE.

UK VOGUE Cover-April 1971

It was the height of the "Peasant Look" of the early 1970s: pretty printed florals; ruffles and puffed sleeves.

A different style for Audrey Hepburn, but, as always, she wore it as though she had invented it.  Below, picking cherries...

Topped by simple but chic headscarves, which had always looked charming on her, Audrey posed in Givenchy Boutique.

Henry Clarke captured Audrey's joyous spirit, at her farm in Switzerland. Pretty in purple--even in a haystack...

Blue paisley, Queen Anne's Lace, and pooch.

Quintessential 1971: Ruffled midi-skirt; slim tee and boots.

As  bright and sunny as a day in May... 

Happy Birthday to a true classic.  You are missed!


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