May 09, 2014

SILENT STARS: 'Twenties Toppers

Hollywood's prettiest and most stylish cover girls in a salute to the headgear of the 1920s, painted by the great cover artists of the time: Rolf Armstrong, Charles Sheldon, Henry Clive and more:

Mary Pickford's ribboned straw ushers in the decade-1919

Young Marion Davies in Sporty Tam-1920 

Pouf-bonneted Constance Talmadge-1920

Constance Talmadge-1921


Lila Lee-1922

Alice Brady's cobalt blue plumed cloche-1922

Flower-shop brimmed Anna Q. Nilsson-1923

Plumed and pinned: Norma Talmadge-1923

Pastel pretty Eleanor Boardman-1923

Dramatic midnight blue for Nita Naldi-1923

Striped satin shines on Marion Davies-1924


Carmel Myers' fluttery brocade cloche-1924

Artist palette & paintbrush! Marion Davies-1926

Gilda Gray in scarlet brim & white scarf-1926

Colleen Moore-1926
Dolores Costello: buttoned tailored cloche-1927

Gorgeous Garbo cover by artist Jay Weaver-1927

Asymmetrical golden girl Mary Brian-1927

Neutral simplicity for Jetta Goudal-1927

Sheer confection: Madge Bellamy-1928

Lavender sash; pink trim: Marion Davies-1928
Darkly elegant Eleanor Boardman-1928
Drop-dead chic Marion Davies-March 1929
The finale: Billie Dove's diaphanous dazzler-June 1929

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