May 12, 2014


The lovely ladies of Hollywood's Silent Era have some serious panache with headbands, scarves, turbans, tiaras--and just about any  other accessory that makes those faces even more fabulous.  Join Crème de la Crème as we take a peek: 

Ravishing in Red:  Mabel Normand-1918
Catching a wave:  Mary Thurman-1919

White-hot satin: Anna Q. Nilsson-1920

Little girl blue:  Doris Kenyon-1920


Pink roses; jade jewels: Bebe Daniels-1920

Pearly Green Ice: Anita Booth-1920

Jewel-toned Print: Martha Mansfield-1920
Going for the Gold:  Betty Blythe-1921
While the Silver goes to: Gloria Swanson-1921
Red and gold tapestry: Dorothy Dalton-1921
Rainbow stripes:  Mary Thurman-1921
Walloping WOW factor--Marion Davies-1921

Leatrice Joy-1922: Flower Child


Pola Negri:  Mink and Pearls-1922

Alla Nazimova from Salome-1923
Grape Arbor Ardor:  Mae Busch-1923
Anna Q. Nilsson-1923: Leather braided headband
Eye-popping in Poppy: Pola Negri-1923
Draped turban & brooch: Natacha Rambova-1923
Pretty floral print wraparound: Lois Wilson-1924
 Glitter galore: Mae Murray-1924
Pearl topped turban: Pola Negri-1924
 ...and blinged arch-rival Gloria Swanson-1924

Hoops and a headband-Pola Negri-1924

...and in Nikolas Muray's photo
Doris Kenyon-1925

Diamond & emerald band: Barbara La Marr-1925

 Pretty as a Peacock:  Pauline Starke-1925

Ravishing Renee Adoree-1925

 Casual & colorful: Esther Ralston-1925

 Creamy, pearl-topped white satin:  Corinne Griffith-1925

Pom-pom girl Aileen Pringle-1925

 Early color photograph of Gloria Swanson-1925

Gorgeous in green:  Louise Fazenda-1925

Beach-ready Doris Kenyon by Carl Van Buskirk-1926

Classic chic:  Clara Bow-1927

A cornucopia of bling: Gilda Gray-1927


Sequins all aglitter:  Gilda Gray-1920s
 Sporty in green and white: Esther Ralston-1928
 Ornate brooch atop gold lace:  Dorothy Sebastian-1928
Tennis Anyone? Bessie Love-July 1929
Dots and stripes: June Collyer- August 1929
 Beach pajamas topped by wrap scarf:  Gloria Swanson-1930
Our Silent Sirens will have to attend elocution classes for the next installment of Crème de la Crème--as it's off to the 1930s, where the merciless microphone is waiting...


  1. These are all quite stunning. I never really paid much attention to this kind of "headwear" before you presented them in this format. Maybe some influential fashion designer will start bringing this style back.

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment and compliment. I started out to only do a pictorial on "Easter Bonnets". It then had to be divided into decades and sub-divided when I noticed the fabulous turbans and wraps of the 1920s. Thanks again!